Lets say in the future, Tesla FSD vehicles require a new hardware feature to fully function. How will consumers with current Teslas get hardware updates to their FSD vehicles?

This been one of the issue I have with the concept.
I am really excited about this feature, and in the USA Tesla is one of the main vehicle companies that has the tech available to consumers on a level 2 stage at least.

But currently the tech isnt FSD level 5 yet. But what if in the near future the vehicles require new hardware feature for Tesla’s FSD.

So how will current Tesla owners that have FSD, get the hardware update to keep up with the FSD tech without buying a brand-new vehicle?

I hope my question was clear.

In my opinion, before the feds and state government green light the FSD, they will require the tech for vehicles to be able to communicate with each other, and also be able to sense sensors on the road. But can current Teslas communicate with each other and other vehicles? Can its current sensors detect information from other foreign sensors that may be placed in the road in the future? This is a scenario of course, but is an example of hardware additions that could be needed for FSD, that currently sold FSD vehicles may also need an update for that the Software updates cant supersede.

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