Is the process to have a pre-owned Tesla delivered typically as slow as it is for my Model 3?

After years of dreaming of it, and then months of research, I finally pulled the trigger on a used Model 3.

I found a great deal on a 2019 with just around 10K miles on it. The only issue was that it was at a dealership just outside of Washington D.C., and I’m just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. This didn’t seem like a big deal to me, Tesla offered shipping to the Nashville dealership for a pretty reasonable $500.

It’s been a bit of an ordeal ever since then. Even though I’ve been very timely in getting all of the required paperwork submitted online, Tesla has not been very timely in getting me updates on the shipping or delivery date. I put in my deposit over a week ago, and originally was told that delivery to Nashville would be yesterday. Late yesterday, I learned about 6PM that delivery to Nashville will be delayed another ten days.

In addition, any communication from Tesla has been spotty, if not non-existent. I think I’ve had just one call from a rep in Nashville and maybe two texts from whoever is doing that. If Amazon can supply me with a tracking number for any little thing that can fit in my mailbox, or if Domino’s can tell me that a pizza has gone into the oven, it seems as if the biggest auto tech company in the world could tell me in a reliable manner if my car is on the way or not.

Is this struggle typical of the pre-owned purchase process? I’m getting a bit frustrated, and now I’m not even sure if I can trust the new date I’ve been given for delivery to Nashville. Anyone else had this experience?

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