How have you dealt with an unresponsive Sales Advisor?

Long story short, this is my second Tesla I’m purchasing, and this experience has been night and day from the first time I bought a Tesla. It feels like everything has changed for the worst.

Then: Called one general number, someone answered, transferred me to my SA or I had their extension to dial. No issue with communication could always get a hold of someone. Site always gave me an relative update of delivery.

Now: Get the SA’s mobile number and a fake office number in their signature (shows ext 3 and when you hit that the IVR says not valid). Doesn’t look like there is a sales phone number, local number routes to a phone queue that I’ve yet to get someone to pick up. Calling my SA, he never answers. When he calls me, its a different outbound number. Texting or emailing results in a response days later.

This would be fine, except I was told this week my estimated delivery date (placed early feb) for a MY went from 4-6 weeks to 3-6 months for the 7 seater. I was given the option to take a car that is in transit for an almost similar build, but would have to pay the new price (price raise) unless I emailed complaining. So I did that and I have heard nothing back since then. So no clue if I’m getting a car soon’ish or have to go through the hurdles of financing again late summer.

How have you handled an SA that didn’t respond? This is a surprisingly bad experience compared to the first time I bought a Tesla.

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