Any concerns about driving through standing (salt) water?

Sometimes, the road (NC12) to my summer home in the OBX gets flooded with saltwater and sand, and I’m wondering what, if any, are the concerns for driving through those puddles. Obviously, I’m not talking about deep water up over the bumpers, but I’m just wondering if there are any special concerns, given the fact the the entire bottom of the car is a giant bank of batteries. Other than rust, I’ve never really had to think about anything with my Range Rover or 4Runner.

I rinse ASAP with fresh water after any minor saltwater puddles, but right now, for example, the weather is really tearing up the sand dunes and causing long (not necessarily deep) stretches of water. Driving slow and making sure the suspension is as high as speed permits allows for some semblance of piece of mind, but still.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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