The Tesla saved my family’s lives TWICE in one day

Preface: This car impresses the hell out of me. I’m a pretty skilled driver, racing training etc, and still this thing outperforms my insights and reflexes. Many times it’s wrong, but sometimes it’s not…

Road trip with my two kids from Reno to Vegas. Highway 95 is a 2-lane road well traveled by slow trucks. Drivers tend to get agitated and make daring passing maneuvers.

I have FSD, but I’m not sure how much of this was just normal autopilot. Since it’s not a divided highway, the autonav was not active. Just auto steer.

The first incident, I was glancing down at the screen when suddenly the brakes slammed on and every mortal alarm sounded. I looked up just in time to see the oncoming car dive back into its lane, narrowly missing a head on collision with us. The Tesla braking gave the other driver enough time to get back over. Had the Tesla not braked, who knows… Granted, definitely a case of distracted driver, I’m not perfect and this time would have mattered. We said “whoa” and started laughing like you do when you just told Death “Not today!” and it worked.

The second incident was fucking sobering and also really made me grateful. This time, it was an impatient semi that wanted to pass another semi. I saw this one coming, but the Tesla reacted first. Every mortal alarm goes off as two semis are barreling at me, taking up the whole road. My reflexes are pretty fast but the Tesla was faster. It slammed on the brakes HARD and avoided to the right, crossing over the rumble strip and seeking cover on the shoulder of the road. It all happened so quickly that it took me a few moments to review things in my mind and realize “wait…I didn’t do all that”

Tl;dr – Not Today

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