Porsche Taycan VS Model S.

Is there any reason to get a Porsche Taycan over a new model S?

The base Taycan which is 80 grand is barely faster than a base model 3. Also for me it would be 84 grand at least since it is 5 grand extra for the vegan interior which is a must for me.

The only way to get a Taycan faster than a Model S is to at least get the Turbo which is just one Trim level below the Turbo S and the Model S Plaid is faster than even the Turbo S.

Also the Tesla Model S can play Witcher 3.

I will say the Taycan looks cooler than the Model S but the Model S is still a good looking car.

I have always wanted a Porsche but I cannot think of a good reason to choose the Taycan over the Model S, can you guys?

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