New Model 3 vs 2017 Model S

I have googled endlessly on this topic and I am aware it isn’t a new question, but one that is probably needing to be revisited every few months due to the way Tesla is constantly pushing the envelope with software/hardware updates. My apologies if this should be in a mega thread (or has been asked recently and I simply have missed it).

My main points for considering the two:

  • Needing to seat three children comfortably in the back of the car (I can’t afford a Model X)
  • I want to make sure that I am FSD ready, I am not sure if all Model S 2017’s are FSD capable hardware-wise?
  • Will having a 2017 Model S hold back future innovations? Can you just pay for new technology upgrades/installs?

I know the basics of comparing the two, the Model S feels more luxurious while the Model 3 is far more like a sports car with snappier handling. Opinions are divided on curb appeal etc. But as highlighted above, it’s more concern around being backed into a technology corner by going for a 2017.



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