Best way to spend $10k to upgrade Model Y LR

I’m about to purchase a brand new Model Y LR

I’m 25, have a girlfriend. Live in central coast california. No kids coming. I like speed but not going on a track. I like luxury but can’t afford Model X/S. I LOVE technology and Safety is my top priority as my car now is about to kill me.

I was curious to your thoughts on the best way to upgrade the base Model Y.

Budget is about $10k

Is the performance upgrade worth it?

Is the FSD worth it?

Should I invest in Tints/Car Wrap to protect it and make it a little more special.

New wheels/tires/rims

Body kits?

Interior accessories?

Any thoughts at all would be tremendously helpful. As I’m pretty indecisive and all my friends and family are sick of talking about this with me.

Thanks guys:)

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