16 v3 SuperChargers being installed in King of Prussia, PA – location 100% CONFIRMED

I was in the King of Prussia, PA, area today and decided to stop at Chipotle to get lunch. As I was parking my car, a work truck was also parking. As I was getting out of my car, 3 guys exited the work truck and as they walked to Chipotle’s door, one guy complimented me on my car. As all Tesla owners do, I got excited and stopped to talk to him.

Turns out that he and his 2 coworkers are beginning the installation process for SIXTEEN v3 SuperChargers in KoP. There’ve been lots of rumors about where the location would be, but he confirmed for me for sure. They’re literally beginning work now, and the SCs will be operational in a few months he said.

Google Maps location – in the shopping center with Giant, CVS, and Wendy’s on Henderson Rd right by Rt 202.

It was a really exciting interaction for me, so I wanted to make their day too. So I bought them all lunch!

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