Looks like FSD Beta 8.2 has one specific bug (with Evidence)

Long story short, the car colors the bounding boxes for other cars it sees. It uses different colors based on what category they fall into, and 8.2 seems to be miscategorizing cross traffic.

Purple is used to mark cars crossing your path, and Yellow is used to mark traffic going the opposite direction that you shouldn’t have to interact with (Often people think the car doesn’t see this traffic, but it’s usually just the yellow on white being hard to see).

Yellow cars don’t seem to be taken into account when planning a path.

It seems that FSD Beta 8.2 has a bug where it sometimes incorrectly labels cross-traffic (that should be purple) as yellow.

Here are a bunch of timestamps where it happens:

From one of u/chazman92‘s videos

1:18 Car proceeds unsafely, cars are yellow

2:11 Car waits for a purple car, then proceeds unsafely in front of yellow cars

3:05 Car incorrectly marks semi as yellow, but waits for correctly purple cars, Proceeds safely

4:00 Cars are incorrectly marked yellow. Car unsafely proceeds

5:05 Cars are marked yellow with one purple but the rest yellow. Maybe an early disengagement here.

5:43 All cars are correctly purple. The car proceeds safely.

6:54 Cars are purple, and one is too far back for AP to consider it. Safe turn.

7:44 All cars are correctly purple. Car proceeds safely

8:27 Cars are yellow, and the car proceeds unsafely.

From u/cookingboy‘s videos

4:12 One disengagement in an otherwise perfect drive.

3:54 Classification behaving correctly. Cross-traffic is purple until it’s out of the way, then turns yellow. Safe turn.

12:30 That near-collision everyone’s been sharing. You know the one. The yellow car is a bit hard to see, but is more easily visible if you mess with the contrast.


Let me know what you think, or contribute some instances from other videos if you’ve seen them, please.

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