Questions on first payment, sentry usb, and floor liners – New Upcoming Owner

Hey all, just recently got approved on my Tesla Loan, and will me joining the club of owning a Tesla model 3 range 2021 model next month. I wanted to ask a few things I wasnt sure about:

  1. How long after I pickup the car does it take for your first payment due date to be? Trying to time it as best I can to be close to my current lease end date. And after you get your due date, can I ask them to change the date to a date in the month I like?

  2. Do the new model 3 already come with the usb tesla sells for sentry mode, I heard they already do but not sure.

  3. Anyone have recommendations on what floor liners to get? Should I get the ones Tesla sells for All Weather?

  4. I used a referral code to get 1000 free miles, how do I know these got applied correctly, anywhere for me to check?

  5. Lastly, I know the key you get is just a card, or using ur phone. You don’t get a key band with car purchase correct? Want to get one for my house keys etc.

Thanks everyone in advance

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