PSA: If financing through Tesla, email them and ask for a better rate

I saw a comment thread that was buried pretty deep, so I figured I’d share my experience and repost for visibility. Apologies if this is a bad post.

If you are financing through Tesla, spend the 2 minutes to email []( and ask for a better rate. If you chat/call/talk to your advisor, they will tell you that “the lowest rate Tesla offers is 2.49%”. Like all car manufacturers, this statement may be technically true, but it’s dishonest at best. I got a 1.89% from my one email with Chase instead of the standard 2.49 with Wells Fargo. If I had to do any of the leg work, I probably wouldn’t have cared about the $12 a month, but it’s $864 over the life of my loan so it was well worth the 2 minute email.

I don’t know the mechanics of how this all works, but it was well worth the minimal effort to save almost a grand over time. Good luck!

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