Model X vs Mercedes GLS 450/580


So my dad is in the market for a new car and hes currently considering getting one of these two vehicles. He wants to know my opinion on both. I know a fair bit about the GLS and model X but want to hear your experience going from luxury suv type vehicle to a model x.

Also for anyone thinking its weird to compare a gas vehicle to an EV, my dad is fascinated with EVs (specifically tesla) but never needed a new car. As for the GLS he enjoys the luxury and smooth ride of wide wheel based car. But hes not a fan of haggling and the traditional process of getting a car. So his disdain for the traditional process and fascination with EV/Teslas selling direct to customer interests him.

Side note: The one thing that he mentioned that is concerning about the Tesla for him is that he won’t get to test drive the model x with the yoke. Anyone have suggestions I could give him about gaining experience driving a vehicle with a yoke and addressing the issue of buying a car before test driving it? Also I realize I’m going to get biased responses but I know more about the GLS and what to expect from the vehicle can’t say the same about a Tesla though.

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