GEN 3 Wall Connector & 2020 MS LR+

I know this question has been discussed, but none of those discussions [that i can find] mention or solve my issue.

So I took my MS out of town for the weekend to the Oregon coast. I’m mentioning this because I used my Mobile Connector once (rarely use it) and didn’t have any issues. I used a SC twice during the trip, and no problems there either. The weather over there was a little dreary, and it did rain on the mobile connector handle while plugged in to the car, but not much. The mobile charger itself never got any moisture on it.


When I got home my WC won’t work anymore. I’ve tried everything I can think of:

  1. Power cycle the unit via breaker
  2. Reset the unit by holding the button down
  3. Toggled scheduled charging on and off in the car because I read somewhere that it might solve the problem
  4. Checked all cabling, all good
  5. Replaced the breaker (60A) just because
  6. Rebooted the computer in the car

I can log in to the web interface for the WC, which indicates there are no problems with voltage, etc and that it has network connectivity.

The top LED pulses green. I say pulses because it is a “soft blink.” From what I understand, the WC will do this for 5 minutes when first powered up, but in my case it continues to, even though it is connected to the the WIFI, for which it has a strong signal.

When I plug the connector into the car, the WC does what it normally does and it startes charging for about 10 seconds. Then the light on the WC turns blue for a few, then it tries to charge again . At this point the car displays a Charging Stopped, lost power, check equipment …. error. Eventually after a couple of tries the WC appears to give up. At this point the indicator on the WC turns blue (like it does when a charge is complete) and the charging indicator on the side of the car turns red.

One note- A while back I twice had the flashing red LED on the WC indicating a “ground resistance”. That has since gone away, and while I was troubleshooting today I went ahead and replaced the clamp around the grounding rod (near the panel) because it was getting corroded, and just because.

This started last night when I returned from my trip. Today I went ahead and checked again and the mobile connector works. I also made a quick trip to a SC and it still works fine as well.

FWIW I don’t ever charge over 350mi, unless I am going on a trip.

Is there something else I can try that I am missing here? Feels like i’m at the point where it is the WC that is faulty and it needs to be replaced. If so, does anyone know how I can contact Tesla regarding that? I can’t find any support info for the WC itself either (other than the manual.)

Thanks, and any help and/or advice is suuuuuuper appreciated.

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