cost of a replacement battery on a model 3 or model Y?

has anyone with a model 3 (and hopefully not a Y yet) gone through a battery replacement? Wondering what that costs. I see some threads mentioning some 2012 Model S replacements at around $15-22K, but wondering if that’s the cost for these ‘cheaper/newer’ models.

Did a search but it didn’t help me much.

and a followup: what’s the expected failure rate of model 3 / Y batteries past the in-warranty period? Or if that’s not known, what do we know about model S failure rates so far?

If after battery warranty expiration the model 3 or model Y battery is no longer maintenance-free, I’d think that could change the calculations on cost of ownership and value of a used model 3. Though the 2nd hand market pricing doesn’t seem to suggest that…

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