Street Sweepers, Beware

Today I was driving to work on a two-way street when a damn street sweeper driving in the opposite direction threw some debris and rocks right at my car. A rock hit my windshield, and let me tell you it was loud. Surprisingly, the windshield didn’t crack as I expected it to based on the sound of impact, but there’s definitely a minor scrape where some glass seemed to chip. Debris definitely chipped some of the paint on the front hood but nothing major. I’m definitely sad this happened, and I have it recorded on dashcam. Just not sure if there’s anything I should do here. I have Tesla insurance but coverage is basic. I’ve rewatched the footage many times and I don’t see a license plate on this vehicle nor any identifying information of the company the sweeper belonged to. I’m thinking of just biting the bullet on this one and do nothing since I’m expecting the minor paint chip repairs/windshield replacement to be far too expensive for what it’s worth. The only thing I’m concerned about is the windshield getting worse over time but so far I’ve only identified a minor chip on the glass.

Lesson to take from here: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM STREET SWEEPERS. Also, based on how tough this windshield glass is, I no longer doubt the Cybertruck will have bullet proof glass.

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