Dashcam/USB failed during hit and run

My wife was just in a hit and run, guy sped off, couldn’t get plate. She went to click the dashcam icon and it wasn’t there, so of course it didn’t record. Any idea if there’s any other way to retrieve it? I called Tesla thinking they might have a copy but they told me because of privacy laws they’d only be able to help me if I was in California.

This is the 2nd time I have been let down by the dashcam function in my model 3 and now her Model Y. The USB was formatted correctly, even had some recordings on there from last month, but apparently it hasn’t been working since then and we never noticed. It’s just so flakey.

Not even about the money/damage at this point – it’s the fact this guy hit a mom and 2 kids and now just gets to get away with it – after hitting a Tesla with the dashcam setup.

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