[Boston, MA] Poll for anyone who lives in this area and street-parks their Tesla.

Hi everyone,

I am getting an M3 LR AWD, and I live in a neighborhood where I actually see a few Tesla’s that have resident permit parking stickers.

Inb4 anyone comments saying don’t do it, I wanted to get some comments from people on this subreddit who lives in the Boston MA area and street parks their Tesla’s with resident permit parking stickers. There are lots of charging options available in Boston. But what are your experiences? Have you experienced any Tesla-hating vandalism’s(key-ing, etc)? Or just malicious vandalism in general? Or have you had no issues doing this?

Also before anyone links a bunch of posts that asks about street parking, I saw that most of those posts aren’t Boston specific, and they are rather old. So I wanted to get an area-specific discussion/thread going.

Thanks in advance!

Quick additional edit : I can charge at work for free anyway!

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