A reminder to the fans and the critics.

This is a friendly reminder to Tesla fans and critics that we expect everyone in this sub to be treated with respect and dignity. To the fans, we ask you to remember that there are many people who support Tesla’s mission while occasionally disagreeing with how Tesla goes about accomplishing it. To the critics, we ask you to remember that many people in this sub not only believe in what Tesla is doing, but have voted with their money.

To everyone, we ask you to remember to keep your comments on topic and advance the discussion. Phrase your disagreement respectfully and, if necessary, provide independent facts to support your position. We welcome and encourage healthy debate, but this simply is not the place for name calling, unkind sarcasm or trolling.

Also remember that we expect everyone to simply Be Genuine. Read ourAbout page to know what to expect here, and our Moderation page to learn how we moderate. Thank you.

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