Fellow Canadians from Ontario or anyone that can help

I’m doing school and working so I am doing those things to work to support people with disabilities from any age and I live in Canada Ontario enough about that now, I love cars I currently drive a 2010 cobalt I eventually want to turn to electric because I Barely drive so I wanna save for a Tesla Tesla Model 3 performance is 74,990 And the paint job I want is red which is a 2,600 option We are able to get 5,000 credit for Evs so there’s that Purchase price is 77,590 Due today is 2,500 not including down payment so how much would YOU guys put down on a car like this my fellow Canadians and I’m doing this with my own money, I’m saving right now I got 10,000 saved I do want to save up more for sure but how much would you put down and explain possibly should I go to the bank or what I don’t know and ps Not getting self driving right away ( at a later date ) once I pay more of the car off maybe I’ll look into it Second note I have AMAZING credit it’s outstandingly good I’ve bought my own TVs and couch’s, beds etc and paid them off no problem and they weren’t cheap an how does the good outstanding credit effect me? In what ways? I am 23 so I’m just learning as I go and enjoying life with family and friends This is my dream car Yes I test drove one and I LOVE it I fell instantly in love I’ve tried the mach E and leaf didn’t care for them

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