Advanced Voice Assistant for non-touch screen people

Based on my limited knowledge the driver can control some functions of the car by voice. The operation is usually done via the button on the steering wheel or keyword activation.

I can imagine a lot of cases where one or another feature is hidden behind the touch screen menu, so accessing it via voice is not only faster but also safer during driving.

Now, the request:

Provide continuous dialog mode for commands with confirmations.

Use case:

  1. You’re driving.
  2. The passenger asks: so how do you open the glove box?
  3. You either go through the touch screen or ask it via a button on the steering wheel.
  4. The glove box pops open

Proposal 1 (always listen, confirm via button)

  1. You’re driving.
  2. The passenger is asking: So how do you open the glove box?
  3. Tesla always transcribes the conversation and cuts it into sentences, which are then searched for car functions. The found functions are displayed discretely somewhere on the screen.
  4. You are confirming by clicking the button on the wheel and the software, knowing what was said, executes the last recognized command
  5. The glove box pops open automagically.
  6. Holding that button will actually activate the classic “say something” action while ignoring the previous screaming of the kids from the back.

Proposal 2 (they got my data, I hate being watched)

  1. You’re driving.
  2. The passenger asks: so how do you open the glove box?
  3. You’re clicking the button and ask back: Do you want to glovebox opened?
  4. The passenger replies: yes
  5. The software recognizes command as part of a conversation of two people
  6. The glove box pops open automagically.
  7. The passenger thinks you’re cheating or a magician.

Other examples

The air conditioner: – The passenger: I’m cold, can you turn the heat up?
– Proposal 1: you click the button and the passenger heat is +2 degrees
– Proposal 2: You click the button and ask: what temperature should it[seat, aircon, climate] be? The passenger replies 69degrees and tesla automagically does change the heat.

The navigation: – Dad, can we stop at McDonald’s? I want to pee and I’m kinda hungry.
– P1: Click and it adds a supercharger stop near McDonald’s
– P2: Click and ask: – No McDonald’s today, should we stop at a rest zone with a toilet? – Okay. – It searches for a supercharger nearby with a toilet and offers the driver options to add the stop

I can continue

Routines (predefined actions on custom commands)

  • So, how smart this tesla of yours?
  • P1: click and assistant replies: Smarter than you sometimes.
  • P2: click and ask: What do you mean smart?
    • Assistant continues: They probably meant whether I can land a rocket on a floating platform. Yes, I can, but sadly I was assigned to drive you both
    • Everyone continues the trip silently

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