Disorganized Launch of the Model S Refresh


I would like to preface this by saying that this is not a rant, this is not a complaint, but rather an essay into the disorganized launch of a product that was mentioned to us but once and never followed up on.

January 28th, 2021: Tesla announces the Model S Refresh. I visit the showroom the next day and put my deposit down. I figured if I see the yoke wheel and like it, I can follow through on my order. I requested a Trade-in on my current Tesla and received the same amount as I paid (that however is a different story entirely). My delivery date is set for March 1 – 31.

February 8th, 2021: I receive a phone call from the Tesla Delivery Team. They advised that if I do not fill out my registration information my place in line would be forfeit and my wait for the car would be pushed to May 2021. I then filled out the information, called them back, no answer and sent to the overflow team out in Las Vegas. They advised that my profile looks good and I should be okay.

February 9th, 2021: I receive a text message from the Tesla Delivery Team. This time they are saying the same thing over the phone but it’s in regards to insurance information. I told them I do not have a VIN and that I cannot fill out or upload anything. She advised to upload ANY insurance. Tesla prioritizes those with all information filled out. I was told again, if I did not, someone else would be prioritized over me and my car would be pushed to May.

February 10th, 2021: I get a phone call from Tesla Delivery at my local service center. They advised that all my information looks good, but guess what. I need to apply for financing. I asked how long the approval would last and they told me “more than enough time as your scheduled to get the car starting from March 1st”. I told them I was uncomfortable with applying for a car when I did not have a VIN. She told me that she understood and that if I wanted to push delivery off, I would now need to wait until June. The “demand” she said is “through the roof”.

February 11th, 2021: I apply for financing. My credit is pulled 4 times.

February 12th, 2021: I am approved for financing from Chase and Wells Fargo. Financing team chose the one with the better rate. I now have ALL information filled out on my profile.

February 13th: My delivery date of March 1-31st has disappeared from my Tesla Account. There is no information, just the “-“ by “Estimated Delivery Date”.

February 16th: My attempt to reach my local sales center is in vain. On all attempts I am forwarded to the overflow team in Vegas who have been nothing but nice and patient with me. Unfortunately their knowledge is limited. They advised that they still see the delivery date of March 1-31st and that they would ping my sales advisor.

From that day on until now: My Sales Advisors know nothing (not their fault). Overflow center maintains their stance of a delivery of March 1st – 31st but their optimism wanes as we are almost half way into March. My financing expires on April 12th and with each day that passes, my Sales Advisor becomes less and less available as he does not have any new information to report.

I have emailed “ordersupport@tesla.com” thinking I would reach someone outside of my Sales Advisory team but that email was just forwarded to him. Tesla’s lack of care and lack of communication has turned me off to the point that I am left with a bad taste in my mouth.

On my Tesla Account, I have a Model S, two Model Y’s, one Model 3. I have a Model S on order and a Model X on order as well. I am not here to brag and I am not here to complain about a company that has provided great service up until now.

I have all but exhausted all of my options. Calling yields no results. Emails just get bounced around with no communication regarding my order. People are pinged by other people and my issue is passed from person to person until someone calls or texts me saying that “I’ll get the car when I get the car”.

I would not be writing this if they hadn’t used the “Do this now or else” tactic. Especially when it effects my credit.

I understand that I am not the only one who is in this predicament. There are other people who are in similar, if not the same exact situation. My hope is that someone here can see this and enable Tesla to release some kind of communication regarding our orders. We know Tesla is capable of deliveries and keeping up with great customer support, but this should not be allowed to happen to me or anyone else.

If Tesla is to remain the great company that it is, they should work to improve and we as customers are here to remind them.

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