Would you be willing to start paying now for your cybertruck?

A little unorthodox, but I’m wondering if it could benefit all involved for Tesla to offer financing now, on the future delivery of a cybertruck?

I plan to finance mine, to keep my investment in TSLA, but like the idea of locking in an interest rate while it’s low. I haven’t run the numbers, but likely this is a bad idea- and I would be better off throwing extra cash into TSLA. But perhaps I could be convinced by the low rate and maybe a boosted place in the delivery line? Maybe this could be set up in a clever financial maneuver where the interest rate is locked in, but not applied until delivery- with pre-payments counting towards the down payment?

Can’t imagine it would hurt Tesla to start collecting payments now.. and would further demonstrate their edge in the market.

Would you consider something like this?

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