Tire Replacement/Change HELP!

Background: Tires are worn out, have about 23k miles on car, Michelin is giving me a warranty on them for a pro-rated amount due to early changing of tires (rated until 45k miles).

So with that background knowledge, I was wondering if anyone here knew a good place in South Florida (East Coast) that could change out Tesla tires and that’s trustworthy? I tried Tire kingdom but they recommended some tires that Michelin told me should not be used on my car.

To be honest, I wish I could just have them changed out at Tesla, but Michelin says the dealership (service center) needs to contact them and give them the tread-depth and current mileage (due to a conflict of interest, I cannot do this) and Michelin told me the Tesla Service center IS authorized to do this warranty (not to mention I have the claim number already done for them). However, the Tesla service center says that they are NOT authorized (I called Michelin back and verified by address and phone number that the service center is in fact authorized by Michelin). Therefore the Tesla service center is refusing to call Michelin and process the claim.

tl:dr – Tesla service center is authorized by Michelin to do a warranty claim on the tires (verified by Michelin themselves). Therefore I need to find another place that can change tires in South Florida that is trustworthy, any recommendations? (Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, that area if at all possible).


Not sure where else to ask but hoping someone can help!

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