Could I have driven without my key card?

I just came home from quickly picking stuff up from my office. Once I came home and unloaded everything (supplies, purse, water bottle, etc), I can’t seem to find my key card. I’m trying to think back if I had even placed my key card in the middle slot of the car before driving off from my office, but I had to have had the key card placed there right? Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to drive home?

I looked everywhere from my purse, crevices in my car, and around my supplies but I can’t find it. Is it possible I dropped it at work? I did leave it in my back butt pocket but I wouldn’t have been able to drive home, since my car was parked when I was at work, right?

Sorry if this is too detailed or redundant, I’m just freaking out about losing my key card regardless if I have a second one. I just hate losing things and it bothers me so much …

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