Thinking of doing a roadtrip from Quebec City to Redmond, Washington, with a Model S 2013 60

Hey everyone,

To give some context, I own a 2013 Tesla Model S 60 KwH battery (can’t upgrade it sadly.) I’m thinking of doing a road trip from my city (Quebec City) to Redmond, Washington, I did check the ABRP app, it seems doable (Although it’s about 20 hours of charging and 50 hours of driving).

Currently it has around 164 000 kilometers on the odometer. I don’t know what the battery degradation is at currently but I’m feeling that it lost about 10% of it’s capacity in total.

The biggest thing I’m worried about is the battery itself honestly. I don’t know if charging at 40 various Superchargers during the roadtrip will not damage it on the way. So that’s why I would like to post it here to see if anyone has any experience in this sort of thing or not.

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