Automagically “make room” when detect adjacent parked vehicles trying to leave

Just a quick showerthought, so I haven’t considered the plethora of caveats.

Let’s say your car is parallel parked, when it detects the car in front or behind is trying to leave the parking slot, it will move a small distance forward/backward to make that driver’s life easier. Or in a tight perpendicular parking spot, the car will move back a bit to let the other drivers open their door.

I think this will work nicely with the new external speakers. The car will announce its intention, ask the other driver to wait a few seconds, then proceed.
I understand this function might need a lot of effort for “little” gain, but when you consider the amount of money tesla/insurance companies/you don’t have to spend repairing dinged bumpers and side doors, it might be worth it.

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