$100 dollar lesson learned for EZ-Pass / I-Pass customers

I started receiving toll violations from the Illinois Tollway a few days a go. In Illinois, we have these RFID toll transponders called I-Pass, in the rest the Ohio River valley and New England area it is called EZ-Pass. Anyway after a lengthy phone call the ITA told me the violations were from when my transponder was not scanned properly . In addition they could not trace my license plate back to my account because my license plate was entered incorrectly.

In Illinois EVs get special license plates, as may other states in the US. In the I-Pass website I had my car listed as “Passenger Vehicle” with my plate number of 12345 EL . It accepted that with no error. However, I was informed that I had entered the information incorrectly. I should of listed my car as “Other” with a plate number of 12345 EL. I was also told that the transaction fees totaling around $100 could not be reversed.

If anyone has any inside information on how I can get these fees reversed it would be great, I don’t think should have to be fined for poor web design on the ITA’s part.

TLDR: Make sure you’re license plate is entered correctly with your favorite toll transponder company

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