Told to buy a 3 online, then tesla will try to find a demo to match. Reasonable?

Took a spin in a model 3 LR the other day. While it won’t be the same as my old Model S (totaled), it is plenty powerful and should be large enough for 99% of my needs.

That being said, I’m always interested in saving a buck, and to me the showroom fresh vs demo car debate is a non-issue, 1500 or so miles on most demo vehicles doesn’t (imo) change the intrinsic value when compared to the 2k or so lower price. So I told the person in the showroom what I was interested in, and she said I should just pay the hundred bucks online to get a reservation. Then they (who was left undefined) would match it to any demos that come up and they would let me know.

While I get that for 0 mile inventory, I didn’t think it would match outside of that.

What is your thought on it?

(If you are curious, Model 3 LR, blue or red, white interior, stock wheels, AP, 2021 updates a must including the lights)

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