Heating higher than 82F 2018 Model 3

So long story short I live in Florida and have a Model 3 I rent through Turo. It seems that sometime in the last few rentals and unwanted guest jumped aboard the car and now I have a bug problem to deal with. Comes with the territory of renting to strangers but it’s all part of the adventure right? Tomorrow I will commence operation debug and will vigorously vacuum out the car and lay some sticky traps and distribute some poison bait but in the mean time I figured I would try to make things a little warm and toasty for my tiny nemesis’s.

In the past I have been able to heat my entire garage using the car. No problem generating copious amounts of heat to bring a 2 car garage into the high 80’s in the dead of winter when it is near 0 outside. I tried doing the same thing today thinking that I could easily get the heat circulating in the car and get it into the 120+ range to hopefully evict or otherwise end my unwanted guests. To my surprise, I could not get the heat higher than 82 degrees. I verified that with a separate thermometer placed inside the car to verify the temp reported by the Tesla app. I tired a myriad of setting combinations from the app and inside the car. Using the defrost function in the app, setting the heat to HI both in the app and inside the car, setting everything to manual with the fan on 10, disabling AC and enabling recirculation in every possible combo.

When interior temp sensor is reading below 82 I will get air out of the vents that is 120+, but once the temp reads 82 the output seems to cool back down to not let the car get hotter than this.

Being a 2018 and not having the heat pump of the 2020 and 2021 models it shouldn’t have a problem generating the heat needed.

I did test with our Model Y and it too seemed to get stuck at 82 degrees. I’m just curious if anyone has seen a change in this behavior?

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