Advice for driving down 101 (or alternate) from Seattle to SF


I recently got a job offer from a company in the bay area (San Jose). And I have another potential offer in Hollister (about an hour south). I’m going to be taking one of these two and set to move. It’s a while away so I have time to prepare. Driving down 101 was really one of the things on my bucket list that I wanted to do on the west coast, with Covid and such I can’t really justify just driving down it for giggles, but now I actually need to go down to Cali, so I figured this is a good chance to.

I was checking to see if anyone has done a drive like this from Seattle (or anywhere on the west coast)? I wanted to see what your experiences might be? I looked at ABRP and identified where to stop and where to charge, I found where I want to car camp overnight (found an RV site), as I don’t want to stay in a hotel both from cost and just keeping my interactions to a minimum and besides the night sky has to be beautiful in these places. Is this a feasible route or should I just go the I5 route? I’m wondering how reliable is the mapping for this route and if it’s realistic?

The 101 route does require me to briefly stop at 2 7.2kw charge stations on the way to get a bit more battery before some long stretches. I do know these routes are going through some height, I believe with spring and going south the road conditions should be better.

Any kW/H rate I should target on my car, or just driving the way I do suffice? I usually drive about 10% above the speed limit. Or round up, so if a highway is below 60mph I’ll go about 5-7 above the limit. If it’s at 60 and above I don’t go higher than 10 over. Of course on higher grounds, at night, and weather conditions I’m not going to be going around tight turns at high speeds.

I driver a 2019 M3 SR+

I also have the 50amp and 30amp chargers for RV sites and have used them in campsites in Mount Rainier before.

Here’s my route planner map:

I set a fairly conservative reference on the route planner something like 305kw/h and added 700 lbs of weight just to predict worst case (I’m in no way driving with 700 extra lbs, and I’m not that chonks).

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