Meet the Sunvee – charged entirely by the sun

Meet the Sunvee - charged entirely by the sun

Ceremoniously got gas for my last time, then took delivery of the perfect Model Y the other day. Had a great ordering and purchasing experience. It is now our primary (and only) vehicle.

The Sunvee

For a few months, our house has been powered only by Tesla solar (+ 2 Powerwalls). We oversized the system for the house with the dream of powering a vehicle entirely by renewable energy. Except just once after about 2 days with heavy snowfall, we’ve been entirely off-grid (usage) since power-on.

We’re now charging the Powerwalls in the morning, charging the car the rest of the day (I work from home), and using the Powerwalls at night.

Solar-powered car, house, and Powerwalls

Throttled the amperage a bit

So far so good, and it’s only March! Should get even better in summer.

To make the car truly solar-powered, we have to schedule charging to start around 10am (or whenever the Powerwall is usually charged, which will change throughout the year), and hope it finishes by sundown. I am still fiddling with the charging rate; I want to maximize current while minimizing Powerwall usage during the day. Running the dryer at the same time ought to be interesting… (and oh well, the grid is still there if needed, I guess).

Wishlist: I wish the vehicle could be configured to coordinate with the Tesla Gateway (power box on side of the house) to draw only as much current as the solar is producing at the time, i.e. “Solar-powered mode.”

For context, my family grew up with a coal furnace back in the midwest US. I grew up with an oil furnace, being delivered on truck every few months and stored in a tank in our basement. Electricity was often out, and we had no Internet except by satellite in like 2007. This future is so very different — and much brighter! — than I imagined.

I’m optimistic about a renewable energy future. I’ve been disappointed by a lot of big tech companies lately. But what Tesla is doing excites me.

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