Buying a used Model Y

Looking for some tips or things to look out for. I’m admittedly not a knowledgeable Tesla guy (think they’re awesome but never really considered buying one) but my wife would love a Model Y (Really a Model X but at nearly twice the price it just isn’t for us at the moment) as her mom car as we have a little on on the way. Since this is a fairly recent development I figured I’d come to the pros for any tips or things to look out for.

I’m looking online and it looks like there are a decent amount of used 2020 Model Y’s with extremely low mileage (I’m talking sub 2000) on them that can be purchased for roughly $45,000. That seems extremely low to me, maybe I was misinformed but I figured they’d be much more expensive.

So anything a Tesla newbie needs to look out for on buying a used Model Y?

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