Why get a home charging station?

I’m just now looking into getting an EV and the clear choice for me is the Model 3. Now I’m working out the more mundane details. A question that popped up is, why get a home charging station for $350 (30% tax credit on $500 base price) when I can just plug it into a 240V outlet? My understanding is the included cord can provide 32A using the Nema 6-50 or 14-50 adapter for $35 or $45 respectively, plus the cost of the outlet if you need to install it (this is all also 30% off).

What is going on with the home charging station smarts-wise that might be a value proposition? It seems like a glorified extension cord, the car is doing all the scheduling and converting.

  • The home charging station can go up to 48A off a 60A breaker, so that’s one reason right there, but lets assume I’m happy with 32A.
  • I see they can power share if we ever end up with two Teslas, but that would be several years out (when there is a minivan equivalent that isn’t $100K).
  • They have wifi, but I don’t know what that is used for. One would presume the car could tell you anything the charger box can.
  • You don’t have to have a second charging cord or load/unload you single charging cord all the time.

It seems like splitting hairs over what amounts to a $325 price difference (after tax credit numbers for the adapter vs charging station), but I have a 240V 6-50 plug for my welder sitting right there by the garage door, so it’s hard to justify unless the charging station actually does something beside light up and look cool.

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