Common Tesla Specific Fears

When buying my Tesla I thought my biggest fear would be range anxiety, after a few years I have found that range anxiety is non-existent. The fears that I actually developed are 1. You can’t drive away when plugged in, trapping you in your car if something bad happens in the 30+ minutes you are charging 2. Door handles may not work after a serious crash because they are not mechanical they rely on power systems. I gained this fear after a story of a model s owner who had his car catch fire and people could not get him out (he was unconscious).

Edit: I’m aware for some these fears are irrational, the point of my post was not to say Tesla’s are dangerous it was to talk about fears people have and if they are rational or not.

I’m not bringing these up to scare people, they are unlikely events. I’m curious if people have similar or different Tesla specific fears?

Again, not being negative toward Tesla it’s the best car in the world in my opinion, just thought this would be a useful discussion.

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