Auto Pilot improved without update?

Recently, (Within a week or so) I was driving on a road that I drive every day. There are two traffic lights within 50 or so feet of each other and whenever I had TACC or FSD activated, the car would either say it was stopping at the first light and stop even when green, or it would continue if I tapped the accelerator or stalk. But then, no matter what I did, it would ALWAYS try to stop for the second light even if both lights were green.


Anyway, fast forward, and one day I’m driving home with no cars in front of me and it goes through both lights when they were green with no problem. I went back and tested again and it did it again. So without any update, the car improved its auto pilot behaviours. Is this normal? I’ve only had the car for a few months but I’m glad that it has improved.

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