Please Help!! RE: AP in its current state

I am in the process of purchasing a 2017 Model S (mfg Nov2017). I am buying it from an online car sales company. The saleswoman stated this:

“All Teslas now have Adaptive Cruise Control and Autosteer included by default and will be included on your vehicle”

At first I believed it, then I started reading all the various changes to AP packages and pricing over the last year. (AP, AP1, EAP, FSD, etc)

Now I am thinking she may be confusing ‘all new’ Teslas with ‘all’ Teslas.

I cannot find consistent and reliable information about what will be available by default on my vehicle. The more I read the less certain I am.

The vehicle has the AP2.5 hardware other than that I have no idea what AP software features I will have or what it will cost to get the ones I want.

To be clear the ONLY things I care about are Adaptive Cruise Control and Autosteer. (Really just ACC)

Will I have these 2 features upon delivery as ‘standard’ options?

If not what will it cost to upgrade vehicle to the base AP package that does have them?

I will be asking the seller to put their previous verbal statement in writing for me before I take delivery but right now I just need to know what to expect.

Please help clear this up. Thanks in advance.

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