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Hello everyone,

I am about 6 months from taking the dive into my first EV, model 3 probably but I have a situation that is both a blessing and a curse. We live on a farm – no grid power but 2 large solar, inverter + battery setups. I am in Australia so plenty of sun combined with about 70 x 330watt panels means generation is not a huge problem. I am just trying to work out the charging – our inverter can only supply 7.5 kilowatts AC continuously (peak upto 10 for 30 minutes and 15 for 30 sec). Now we run the farm and house so the inverters AC capacity isn’t always ‘available’ with fridges and appliances like air-conditioning.

Has anyone got some links or experience with off grid – fast – charging a Tesla – the reason I want to charge relatively fast is so I can use the panels for their peak 6 or so hours – where the house batteries are charged for the night and excess solar is being wasted. Is there some magical smart DC charger that can hook to the panels!


Thanks in advance.

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