Just as a quick reminder to everyone. Don’t trust strangers DM’ing you about them being “Tesla Experts”

Just yesterday I was just checking the subreddit out, when all of a sudden I get a DM from an account known as u/Belinda_graham, i’m pretty sure Her account is now inactive so it’s fine to put the username. Anyway, I get a DM from her stating that. And I quote “I want to help you…. I’m a bitcoin and Tesla expert, sign up for the trading company I use and i’ll help you!” Obviously a scam. I couldn’t help but notice that she went around promoting this scam to a PLETHORA of other people. Now this is gonna sound really mean but, if you’re a scammer: you’re a loser. Period. End of story., second of all of anyone claims to be a “tesla” or expert in anything in your dmS and wants to “help” you, Either take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt or nope tf out right then and there. Far too many people get scammed each day. Don’t be one of em. Also if you see this account ANYWHERE, report it immediately for spam.

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