I rented a 65k fart machine

I rented a $65,000 fart machine.

So this weekend I rented a tesla model 3. I absolutely love the car. Instant acceleration. I mean instant. I’ve never driven anything that moves this fast.

Things I love. The interior is simple yet awesome. The seat hugs you perfectly. I could see myself doing a long drive in the vehicle and would still be comfortable. The in car fun. Ok so the car farts both inside and out. It has a karaoke machine built in which I could see be very fun on a long drive . I didn’t use a tesla charging station but I imagine when using it I would sit there and watch an episode of something on Netflix or play with one of the other features. The in car display is massive. using auto pilot makes it easier to find anything on it. However it can be a distraction. If you have ever driven a tesla it is different then a normal gas car. The start up is basically put it in gear and go. Yes the gears are on the “tree” as they would call it. It was super easy to use and get used too doing it.

Did I mention I love the acceleration.

You are saving the planet one kilometer at a time. I love not having to stop at a gas station and not putting 60 bucks of fuel in to fill it up.

The things I didn’t like. On a 110 km trip it used over 200kms of charge usage. The standard 110v charging cable it comes with added about 140kms on a 24 hour charge. When driving at night I missed not having the spedometer right in front of me behind the steering wheel. This car is a speeding ticket waiting to happen. You can get up to speeds quite quickly but also when going at cruising speed it doesn’t feel fast at all.

All in all I love the car and if the battery longevity continues to improve over the next couple of years I could see myself getting into an electric SUV.

Elon Musk is a man child. Did I mention the car farts on demand. It can fart when using the turn signals, when you honk the horn it farts outside the car right after wards.

Anyways I had a lot of fun and I know my kids did too.

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