Currently characterizing used Tesla 2170’s and looking for source of authentic new cells

We all have heard the Tesla 2170s are different than the standard Panasonic (Sanyo) cells so I’m trying to learn exactly how different. I’ve got a background in EV power systems and been curious about these cells and found some time so I’m currently running tests on a few 2170’s to characterize these batteries. I’ve discovered some things with used salvaged cells I grabbed off ebay and would like to cross reference these findings with new cells and only have limited-time access to the equipment I’m using. I haven’t found any source of these cells and hope someone here can help.

I’m looking for a source for a few (hoping for 4) cells to test. I’m under a time crunch because I only have access to the lab and the equipment until the end of March. A single pass of the test full charge/discharge takes almost 24 hours per pass. I can test 4 cells concurrently and will likely have the full first pass with the used 2018 cells done later this week.

Does anyone know of a source for a four authentic new Tesla 2170s cells? I can be discrete and can return the cells when testing is done if helpful. If anyone has seen a real 4860 I could be convinced to give that a look a too! Please DM if you can help. Thanks

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