Roadside Assistance Fail

Come out this morning to discover my Model Y, driver side, rear wheel is flat. The car is parked in my driveway so I assumed I had picked up a small piece of metal and it had slowly leaked all night.

That wasn’t it, it was slashed.

I discovered this after I got my compressor and tried to refill the tire so I could limp to a tire repair shop only to find all the air hissing out of the very obvious slash in the sidewall. RIP tire.

3:06PM Use the Tesla app to start the roadside assistance process. Replacement tire is $462.50, okay, I accept the charges.

3:24PM: “Mobile Tire has been dispatched to assist and will arrive on location in 60 minutes. A Technician will contact you directly prior to arrival.”

“The technician will contact you once they’re en route to your location. We will be closing out this concern. Further SMS messages will not be monitored”.

Okay no problem, that’s pretty convenient.

5:23 PM: Still have heard nothing (kinda sus at this point). Call them at (877)7983752, ask what’s going on where is the repair tech?

I’m told they “will contact me directly” I push the issue and ask “When?” The tesla roadside assistance says he will check and puts me on hold for a few minutes.

Tesla: “They will call you in 5-10 minutes, sorry for the delay”

7:04 PM: NOTHING! Call them back AGAIN. A little less happy this time. Explain the time line and the situation. Ask them, what am I supposed to do? Agent puts me on hold and checks something.

Tells me, the roadside service tech is out of office until Monday.


They can get me a “loaner wheel” tonight. The plan is a third party tow truck is going to show up with a wheel and a tire that isn’t slashed. We’ll take the slashed wheel off and stick it in my garage and put the new wheel on and I will be okay for the weekend. On Monday the well rested, highlander service tech will come and replace the tire on my slashed wheel, take the loaner wheel off and put my wheel back on with its new tire. Then he will take the loaner wheel with him.

Okay, cool that will work.

8:04 PM: Tesla calls me back… “The third party tow company… doesn’t have that wheel”. We can have it towed to our service center tonight.

Me: Okay, fine. Do they work tomorrow (which would be Saturday?)

Tesla: No. They won’t be open until Monday.

I assume because that’s when the only service tech is back from his well deserved break (I mean obviously he’s carrying this entire Portland Oregon workload on his back alone).

Me: Okay. How about we just leave the car with its slashed tire in my driveway until Monday then they can just come fix it like we had originally planned?

Tesla: Ok.

Me: …thanks bye *click*

I’m not cancelling AAA anytime soon, that’s for sure.

I’m really lucky that I’m at home and my car is in my driveway and I’m not stuck somewhere unpleasant counting on this service to get me home safe.

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