Hi r/TM! 2 requests – 1. An easily digestible, side by side comparison of 2013/early Model S vs. current Model 3 — 2. $/Financing questions to help my dad whos in chemo make his dream car happen

Hi all – like the title says, i’m looking for help in 2 areas.

  1. I am a novice to Tesla in general. While looking for the most cost effective model car, I have seen the cheapest option typically is a 2013 Model S. The brand new Model 3 2021 is infinitely pricier, but I have not been able to find an easy, “rookie/novice” catered side by side comparison. Does anyone have that available as a link? Or to the hardcore fans who just know off the top of their head? Haha
  2. My 68 year old father was diangosed with cancer in Jan 2020. He got multiple surgeries, 6 chemo rounds and in early August, he was offically cancer free and in remission. Then – my older brother died from an overdose at 32. The remainder of the year was dedicated to grieving. 2021 began with hope; that hope was immediately taken away – his cancer returned, and in “larger numbers” – later stages, spread to lymph nodes and more. Multiple surgeries again, he’s awaiting his 1st chemo treatment now. What’s worse: his cancer is in his lungs, and during his lung surgery, the surgeon made an error, and now – he has no voice, at all. None. Thanks to excercises and sheer will, he managed to kind of create a “new” voice – it sounds nothing like him, he is devastated, but there’s nothing to be done.

At 68, my dad has loved cars and specifially Teslas since – always? We rented 1 years back, and he has talked about it at least once a month since then.

His days are not guaranteed anymore, so – it’s Tesla time.

I spoke with a consultant on Tesla’s website about leasing options, purchase options, loan options etc.

He was pretty robotic in his responses, so I’m hoping some nuance/added info will come from this post. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do, but the more I know about how to pay for a Tesla, the better – maybe set up a GoFundMe or something, we shall see.

Thank you all in advance!

(and of course – if you have a spare tesla collecting dust, I know someone in the market who will graciously take it off your hands 😉 )

EDIT – anyone got Elon’s number? just text him and ask

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