Autopilot Braking in Traffic versus Stop Light Control

So I’m not sure I’m the only one who has noticed this but the braking appears to be very different when AP is enabled in stop and go traffic on the freeway versus when it’s enabled on city streets for stop light control.

When on the freeway and in stop and go traffic, the car brakes very aggressively and stops very far (even with Distance 1) from the stopped car in front of you which causes cars behind you to get a bit irritated with how the car is “slamming” on the brakes with a solid 15 feet in front of you.

On city streets approaching a stop light while following another car, the car slows down much more gradually while maintaining a more human stopping distance and when coming to a complete stop it even slowly eases the brakes like a human would to prevent the jolting you get from an abrupt stop.

Has anyone else noticed this? The stopping distance and abrupt braking in stop and go traffic drives me nuts so here’s to hoping a solution is around the corner.

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