Tesla Needs to Go Back To The Future!

When I purchased my Model 3 in April 2018, Tesla was considered a small company and a startup and everyone said to give them slack when issues arose. However, the service was first rate. You could call the service department directly and speak to a knowledgeable person, make an appointment if needed (usually within 2 days), get a loaner (usually a Tesla) on arrival or an UBER chit to use as needed that day. They bent over backwards to address any issues and there was no reluctance to make repairs under warranty.

Now, Tesla is a Fortune 500 company, appointments can only be made by computer and talking to a human is a herculean effort. Sometimes almost impossible. Appointments are weeks or months away and no loaner is provided. Additionally, the company will do everything in its power to not do a repair under warranty and disallow things that should clearly be covered by the warranty. The battery warranty, we learn now, requires such a huge loss in charging ability that they know they will almost never have to replace a battery, as if only getting 80% of what you bought is an acceptable situation.

Tesla needs to go back to the future and provide what they did when they were a small startup. Ford is already starting to eat into their market with the Mustang and when companies like Mercedes that provide excellent service enter the market in a serious way, more market share will be eroded. The excuses about being a small startup just don’t apply to a Fortune 500 company.

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