I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my 60D to a 75D 4 years later

We ordered our first Tesla, a Model X 60D in October 2016, delivered the following January, in the short window they offered the software limited version of the 75D battery. It saved us about $10k at the time. For years I waited for the price for the upgrade to come down, for a long time it was $4500 in the app, then it got removed. The tech told us that was from a glitch when they added the Raven X but it’s always been available. For a long time I thought the option was gone.

But I read some forums about it still being a “part” service could order, and indeed it was when I opened a ticket. In the end the upgrade was $2250 plus sales tax since it shows as a part but was basically a software upgrade the engineers pushed out. Over the years our range had degraded to about 176 topped off, which was really just 80% of the battery. We’re doing our first charge to 100 now but it’s already estimating it being well over 200. The tech said we’d need to drive and charge a few times to calibrate a more consistent estimate. Should be about 210-220.

Just figured I’d share because we thought about upgrading to the new refreshed X, but we figured we’d be better off keeping this if we could upgrade the battery and just waiting for the Cybertruck someday. In case there are any of you out there with a software limited X or S still, it’s still possible to upgrade. And much cheaper now.

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