Gas is $2.99 in central NJ so my old ICE would be $50 to fill. Ironically I still have 500 super charging miles which expire in 3 weeks.

Gas is $2.99 (78% increase since pandemic low of $1.69)in central NJ . It would cost $50 to fill my 2011 Mazda CX-9 which I replaced with MY. On the contrary my electricity rate has been constant at 13.5 cents. So EVs are saving us more money these days without even trying.

I have also stopped charging at home for the last 3 weeks and letting it get to 60 miles so I can use my free Super Charging miles before 3/24 expiration. Haven’t been able to take that long road yet and still have 500 free miles.

To be honest I am not loving the 1/2 hour sit time at the Wawa super charger. I understand for a road trip there is no option but I really appreciate my Nema 14-50 in the garage.

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