The best service experience of anything ever

I just experienced the best service experience of anything I have ever had serviced in my life. I have had some (understandably) mediocre services and some good ones, but the service appointment I just had could not be better in any way. It was as painless as never having the issue in the first place.

I have an older used 2016 S70D and 2 weeks ago I got the 12v battery needs replacement soon message. I groan, get home, open the app, and book the appointment, which is 99% autofilled as it prompted me with the warning when selecting the reason for the service. Painless enough. Estimate comes in, 0$, covered by my used car warranty without any questions asked. 2 weeks go by without any issues (car ran fine), 15 minutes before the appointment I get a call that the tech is on his way. ~20 minutes later I get a ping on my phone that the car is repaired and my 0$ invoice.

Literally, the only thing I had to do was tap my phone a few times, and receive a 10 second phone call.

I spent more time giggling about how insanely painless this was then I did dealing with the issue.

I really hope that they maintain this level of service for everyone, as this is how you keep a customer forever.

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