Summon and Smart Summon Frustrations

I’ve had my Model 3 since late 2018. Originally I just bought EAP, but was lucky enough to snag FSD during the $2k firesale. Since then, I’ve had HW3.0 installed and overall can’t say enough good things about the car, but Summon and Smart Summon seem to have been completely forgotten about in the last year +.

I’m not talking just about Smart Summon, which I don’t even bother with anymore unless someone really wants to see it, regular Summon is constantly a bad experience. From failing to connect in the app, to the car trying to move shift left or right and then just stopping, to not wanting to activate at all on even the smallest incline. The one area where Summon really comes in handy is moving the car out of the garage when I want to work out. 80% of the time, I have to either jump in pre or post workout to manually move the car, because it decides to swerve left or right and stop in a standard two car garage with at least 2 feet of clearance on either side.

From what I’ve read, Tesla already recognized revenue on the Smart Summon portion of FSD, and seems like they’ve totally deprioritized any work on Summon functionality, or am I wrong and just have a busted version of it.

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