Regret my Tesla purchase

I’m sure there will be many here that won’t want to hear this but it’s a perspective I wish I had had heard before and is one I share with many others. Don’t get me wrong, the car is cool. I loved it the first few weeks of ownership. It’s a cool toy but in my opinion should not be one’s only vehicle. Unfortunately the quality issues and terrible service have outweighed the positives and my particular experience with service was enough to lose me as a customer. Now that they offer purchasing in BTC i was ready to reserve a roadster and buy my wife a model X. I’m so thankful I didn’t give them any more business and waste any more money.

Within my first 2 months of owning a 2021 model 3 I had many minor issues. It got worse when larger issues started to appear and my glass shattered spontaneously. At first Tesla was great about the issue and replaced it under warranty. Having it on sentry footage and having many others reporting the same issue made it easy. I was also fortunate enough to have it in a garage for the few days I was without a window. At first they said it would take a week to replace but ended up having a mobile tech available on short notice. Things really started to go downhill though when the mobile tech came out and replaced the window.

The mobile tech was terrible and introduced many new issues. The door was difficult to close, there was a loud metal rattling noise coming from that area, he had piles of glass scattered all around the garage that boxed my car in, and worst of all he chipped my paint. I have photos before and after the service clearly showing that the damage was introduced while the tech was working but before Tesla knew this they put the blame on me. Apparently the techs can do anything they want and unless they are honest there is nothing you can do. It’s a must to get photos of your entire vehicle before service is performed. I spent 2 weeks waiting for an appointment just to have the service managers insist this is curb rash. Any reasonable look at it would conclude this was not from a curb, it’s a clean chip taken out right where they were working. I have only been next to a curb a couple times during my short ownership and I am positive I have never made contact. Any data from the vehicle would support this.

After I finally got a service appointment to fix this, I got my car back and nothing was fixed. They refused to fix the paint and the car is still rattling. I was glad to be offered a loaner but was surprised when they gave me an old Hyundai. I ended up getting them to change it to a model S after some discussion but ultimately it was an Enterprise employee that chose to give me a Tesla. My service advisor was sour from the beginning and tried to give me the cheapest loaner possible to get home. It baffles me that one decent person could have avoided all this frustration.

I’ve had a few more issues besides this that I could have put aside if not for terrible service. The delivery experience was beyond disappointing. They rushed me out of there with a dirty and scratched car that I was close to rejecting. It took 3 weeks to get them to fix all the issues from delivery day. The screen has gone black a few times while driving leaving me without controls. The cabin noise is terrible even with the new insulated front windows. I have been in and out of service and not once have they fully fixed an issue. Panel gaps were filled with glue that now spills out of the gaps. Every attempt at fixing obnoxious rattling results in more noises. Their team is incompetent. Their management lacks the skills to provide quality customer service. I’m amazed this company has been able to keep things going this long. I’m sticking with Mercedes from now on and disappointed in myself for wasting this much time with this company. The allure of self driving was enough for me to experiment with them but it turns out it’s so far from complete and it’s not worth meddling with.

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